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                                                                Coax Publications Inc is the foremost publisher of Amateur Radio study material in Canada. We are proud to keep our books up to date to ensure that every question on the ISED examination is fully explained. We provide extensive online support through unlimited access to our Student Success Pages together with additional material available to customers and downloadable from our web site.

                                                                Basic Study Guide 9th Edition

                                                                9th Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

                                                                •   New 4th printing 2021, this Study Guide covers and explains all topics and concepts that appear in the current ISED examination. Some new subsections have been added to provide context for the existing material where the authors felt it was appropriate. This new printing has been compared to the ISED October, 2020 question bank and it covers all questions.

                                                                •   Contains 342 pages

                                                                Advanced Study Guide 2nd Edition
                                                                2nd Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide

                                                                •   This 2nd printing of the Advanced Study Guide was updated in 2019 and contains far more information than required just to write the examination. It is designed to provide context to the exam questions and an introduction to modern communications electronic at a beginner level.

                                                                •   Contains 300 pages.

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                                                                Be sure to check off either the "Radio Club" or "High Volume" box to receive your discount.

                                                                •     Our Study Guides are used by almost all club licensing courses.

                                                                •     Lie–flat binding and wide margins for easy studying and note taking.

                                                                •     Purchase of a Coax Publications Inc study guide includes unlimited time access to our Student Success Pages, especially created to enhance your learning experience.

                                                                Instructors:  Basic Instructors' Guide available as a download. Clubs need only purchase one copy for a course because the file can be shared among instructors.

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